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TKC staffers attend national journalism workshop

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The Organization of Student Services Educators, Inc. (OSSEI) invited six of The Kawayan Communicator staffers, and other student-journalists from various State Universities and Colleges to a three-day National Training Workshop on Campus Journalism for a series of lectures, workshops, and training sessions, held at Baguio Crown Legacy Hotel on September 28, day 1 of the event.

The organizers opened the program and presented the participants followed by a lecture in Ethical Issues and Problematic Situations discussed by Ed Lingao, TV5 Chief Correspondent.

Moreover, Professor Liana Barro from Far Eastern University (FEU) talked about the purposes of campus papers, emphasizing that school publication papers were meant to serve the school and the community, and were here to stay.

Professor Ben Domingo, Jr., Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Chairperson on Technical Committee for Journalism, bridged the gap on Technology, and Tradition in Journalism.

“Journalism, in whatever situation and platform, should adhere to the enduring values it has lived through—and fought for—all these years and generations,” Domingo read in one of his presentations pointing out that press liberty and freedom of expression were rights, not mere privileges.

He also tackled the issues and challenges the student publications faced throughout the years and concluded the first day of the event with the statement, “I would prefer to read a one-page black-and-white news leaflet that reflects the situation, experiences and sentiments of the small people than a thick glossy colorful magazine that highlights and glorifies the lives and lifestyles of the elite, the rich and the powerful.

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